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Oct 03

The “Tiny Flyer” Myth

I recently read an article entitled “Too Big To Fly”, on the blog Cheerleading Daily. It’s a great blog, with some really thought provoking opinion pieces, and this particular one, I completely agreed with. The post describes the author’s experience at a competition, and seeing an all-girl team where virtually all the girls were just …

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Sep 27

Cheerleading Uniforms Today – A little too spirited for school?

cheer skirts

I ran across an article today about a school, banning its cheerleaders from wearing their uniforms to class. Then, I checked out a couple of search engines, and found several more. It would seem that the current trends in cheer fashion are not in line with the dress codes for many schools, and it sounds …

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Sep 23

Stop Eating Garbage!

Photo by mrccos

Alright, this is one of many rants you will find here, in the Cheertator’s domain. This particular one is about what we put into our bodies, and how we expect our bodies to perform with that fuel. I was watching one of those commercials that have been hitting our TV screens lately, advertizing the consumption …

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