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Nov 23

Entire Cheer Squad Donates Hair to Charity!

Photo by MyNeChimKe

I ran across this article on the West Virginia website, about a cheerleading squad that got together, and as a group, donated their hair to the Locks of Love program- amazing! The Bridge Street Middle School cheerleading squad, out of Wheeler, West Virginia, recently took inspiration from their cheerleading coach, Amanda Shinsky, and went …

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Sep 21

Ready? Uh, Okay…… Does Your Squad Have an Emergency Plan?

Photo by steeleman204

It should be pretty standard for anyone coaching or in a position of authority for a contact sport like cheerleading, to have things like band-aids and ice packs on hand, but what do you do when something seriously actually happens? Freak out? Yeah, maybe a little. Then you get your head together, and go through …

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Sep 19

Creating a Team Out of a Bunch of Cheerleaders – Team Bonding!

Photo by woolennium

I was a cheerleader all through middle school and high school. I did all the games, all the competitions, all the rallies, and I don’t think I missed more than a handful of practices for doctors’ appointments or whatever. For all of those six years, I can’t say that I enjoyed all that much of …

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