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Jan 04

Strength Building for Bases – Lifting Weights, A Supplement To Lifting Your Friends


Obviously, in order to build the muscles bases need for stunting, it is very valuable to take time during stunt practice to work techniques and repeat basic stunts. It works some very specific muscle groups, and builds muscle memory and general understanding. But when your weightlifting medium is named Heather, you can only do so …

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Oct 06

Fortify Your Wings – Strength Building For Flyers

Photo by Michi Moore Images

  You’re a flyer, so all you have to do is be little, and put your foot behind your head, right? Well, both of those things might help, I guess, but after more than 7 years of flying, and coaching flyers I can tell you, no, that’s not quite the whole shebang. In as much …

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Sep 14

Let’s Get Limber! – Stretches for the whole squad

stretching- lululemon

Is your team’s stretching regimen mostly just telling the one girl that does the chin-chin that she’s got one minute to stretch out for her crazy contortionist elite stunting section? You know you should, but everybody’s toe touches look fine, and you have other stuff you need to work on, so it’s a waste of …

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Sep 13

5 Tips For Making Conditioning Slightly Less Awful

Photo by dielsebug2007

Conditioning. To this day, that word makes me nauseous. I was always that girl who wouldn’t do the jump during practices, and just pull it out for the performance, and tried to get out of the sit-ups after practice because “my stomach hurt”. I always HATED conditioning, and I’m guessing, you and your cheerleaders do …

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Sep 13

4 Cures for the Boring Warm-up

Photo by Mr. Juninho

Do you have those five or six people who stand in the back during warm-ups, pretending they are doing everything with the rest of the group? Does everyone look bored during warm-ups, and use it as a time to catch up on the latest gossip? Do you have a group warm-up at all? Well, don’t …

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