I am an AACCA certified, recently (mostly) retired
cheerleader, and I’ve been doing it for about sixteen years. Junior High, high
school, coaching, and beyond.

After high school I began attending college at San Francisco
State University which, at the time, was just starting to try and rebuild a
cheerleading program. I hadn’t enjoyed cheering in high school enough to jump
into a half formed, still growing program with a bunch of 19 year old girls I
didn’t know, so I passed. The summer after my freshman year, I came across a
group of adults, most of them post collegiate, performing one of the most
impressive stunt routines I had ever seen in person. When the music ended, they
started talking about how they were raising money for a Bay Area non-profit
organization, and I was hooked. I tried out, and got to cheer for another seven
years, reach personal bests I never thought to dream of, raise money for
wonderful philanthropic causes, and meet some of the most amazing people I
think I will ever encounter. It was a pretty good deal.

I was captain of the fifty-plus person squad for six of
those years, so I have amassed quite a little database (in some cases opinion,
if not fact and experience) in my pony-tailed noggin about all things cheer,
and have had the privilege to temper it with the reasoning and experience of
adulthood (and I’m not talking about my college years, I don’t know about you,
but I was not an adult in college!). That’s something most people don’t get a
chance to do. I’d love to share some of what I have learned with you, and chat
about anything and everything cheer-related you can think of.

Now, I never did the All-star, or heavy competition scene.
Sure, we did some competitions in high school, and went to Nationals every
year, so I experienced the thrills, chills and spills, but I never owned zebra
print sequined spankies. It was never my life. Where there are deficits in my
experience, I will direct you to others in the field with a greater wealth of
knowledge, and better educated opinions. There are some great resources out
there for growing this sport of intense passion and outrageous skill to which
we dedicate ourselves, and with the right direction, they can all be at your fingertips.

I want to help you and your squad defy stereotypes, defy expectations, defy gravity.

Keep checking in for my latest tips and resources, and hit
me with anything you would like to talk about in the Let’s Hear You Yell! Forum.

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