Nov 23

Entire Cheer Squad Donates Hair to Charity!

Photo by MyNeChimKe

I ran across this article on the West Virginia website, about a cheerleading squad that got together, and as a group, donated their hair to the Locks of Love program- amazing!

The Bridge Street Middle School cheerleading squad, out of Wheeler, West Virginia, recently took inspiration from their cheerleading coach, Amanda Shinsky, and went and got some dramatic haircuts to donate their hair to Locks of Love, a program that makes hairpieces for financially disadvantaged children (under 21), suffering from long-term medical hair loss resultant of any diagnosis. I’ve donated once before as well, and let me tell you, it’s an awesome feeling! Your hair is something that has been with you for years and years, something that you have taken care of and cultivated, its a peice of you. To be able to take something so unique, and unreplicable, and translate that into something so impactful for another person, is an almost overwhelming feeling.

A huge congratulations, and thank you, to the Bridge Street Middle School Cheerleading Squad, for making such a significant contribution to a program making such a difference in so many lives. Organizations like this wouldn’t be able to help the people they do, without people like you!!!!

BTW, short hair + cheer bows  = ADORABLE!

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