Jan 04

Strength Building for Bases – Lifting Weights, A Supplement To Lifting Your Friends


Obviously, in order to build the muscles bases need for stunting, it is very valuable to take time during stunt practice to work techniques and repeat basic stunts. It works some very specific muscle groups, and builds muscle memory and general understanding. But when your weightlifting medium is named Heather, you can only do so …

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Dec 06

Video of the Week! Dec 5, 2011

Okay, maybe video of the decade…. Japan’s All-girl team at the IFC Cheerleading World Championships in Hong Kong, 2011. This phat routine won them Gold, beating out Chinese Taipei (Silver), and Germany (Bronze). For all those of you who have yet to watch the exercise in AMAZINGNESS- you’re welcome. Japan All Girl – IFC Cheerleading World Championships …

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Nov 23

Entire Cheer Squad Donates Hair to Charity!

Photo by MyNeChimKe

I ran across this article on the West Virginia website, about a cheerleading squad that got together, and as a group, donated their hair to the Locks of Love program- amazing! The Bridge Street Middle School cheerleading squad, out of Wheeler, West Virginia, recently took inspiration from their cheerleading coach, Amanda Shinsky, and went …

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Oct 27

How To Stay Cheerful As The Temperature Drops!

Photo by Tigresblanco,

October is coming to a close, and it’s getting colder. Photo by Tigresblanco, Hey, I live in San Diego, and I’m taking the scarves out of storage! So, as the temps drop, and you still have to run around town in your cute little uniform, how do you stay warm enough to keep a …

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Oct 18

Photo of The Week! Oct 17, 2011

Albany Varsity Cheer at Breast Cancer Walk

I want to offer HUGE kudos to Albany High School’s Varsity Cheerleading Squad, out of Albany, New York. The squad recently participated in the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk. Events like these are such an amazing way for your squad to bond, and to involve yourselves in philanthropic efforts both in …

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Oct 08

Video of the Week! Oct. 03, 2011

Congratulations to the Cosumnes Oaks High School Wolfpack cheerleaders, from Elk Grove, CA, on an awesome performance at their school’s very first homecoming! Their halftime routine, a Tribute to Michael Jackson, starts at 57 seconds in, and I was smiling all the way through! The music and the routine are great crowd pleasers, and the squad puts on a …

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Oct 06

Fortify Your Wings – Strength Building For Flyers

Photo by Michi Moore Images

  You’re a flyer, so all you have to do is be little, and put your foot behind your head, right? Well, both of those things might help, I guess, but after more than 7 years of flying, and coaching flyers I can tell you, no, that’s not quite the whole shebang. In as much …

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Oct 03

The “Tiny Flyer” Myth

I recently read an article entitled “Too Big To Fly”, on the blog Cheerleading Daily. It’s a great blog, with some really thought provoking opinion pieces, and this particular one, I completely agreed with. The post describes the author’s experience at a competition, and seeing an all-girl team where virtually all the girls were just …

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Sep 27

Cheerleading Uniforms Today – A little too spirited for school?

cheer skirts

I ran across an article today about a school, banning its cheerleaders from wearing their uniforms to class. Then, I checked out a couple of search engines, and found several more. It would seem that the current trends in cheer fashion are not in line with the dress codes for many schools, and it sounds …

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Sep 24

Ten Healthy Snacks to Get You Through Practice

Photo by elana's pantry

I feel pretty strongly that if you are going to perform at your best, for your own sake, as well as the rest of your team’s, you need to keep yourself in the best condition you can. That involves a lot of different things, including getting a good amount of rest, keeping up on other …

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